Timeshare for sale

Looking for Timeshare for Sale, Save 40% or more

We have a variety of timeshare for sale. We will do the research for you.  With our extensive brokerage relationships we can find the perfect property for you at the best price.  Just let us know your criteria for your vacation needs and let us do all of the work!

What we Offer:

*We negotiate terms of the sale and prepare contracts between buyers and sellers
*We Protect all purchase monies with an escrow company
*We verify the ownership details to protect YOU, the buyer
*We coordinate the closing and transfer process with a settlement agent
*We have more than 45 years of experience in the timeshare industry
*We are here to serve you!

Search our extensive Timeshare inventory:

Caribbean Resorts

Hyatt Resorts

Starwood Resorts





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